The other day I had a virus enter my system via an old computer I had which was linked to my main computer. I panicked as all my database files became encrypted.

I realised that I had a virus at 9pm at night. I called Mo at Kito IT on the mobile and he was immediately responsive.

He jumped on to my computer and isolated the virus. I could relax and know that it would not leak to my main files.

He put a member of his team on it the next day to make sure that all risk was eliminated. His team member spent 3-4 hours on the phone to my database company re-installing a clean version of the database.

I am absolutely delighted as I thought I had lost years of client contact details. I haven’t I have got all my database, it is clean and it works.

What I would have done without having an IT Support company I do not know.

Thank you Mo.

Caroline Rose

Managing Director, Client Insight